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Enrolment at Hopetown

Enrolment at Hopetown School follows a process through the Department of Education. 

Our local office is Tuggerah Education Office (phone 02 4357 5300).

An application for Hopetown School is made by the student's mainstream school. 

The application is called an Access-Request and is to be signed by the parent(s)/carers, Principal, Class Teacher, Learning and Support Team Representative, School Counsellor and Senior Psychologist, Education from the mainstream school. Parents/carers are invited to visit the school as part of the application process.

All applications are considered at the termly Department of Education Placement meetings where final decisions regarding placement are made.

If the application is supported by the placement panel and places are available, the mainstream school and parent/carer are notified by the Learning and Wellbeing Officer from Tuggerah Office with a 'Letter of Offer'.

A parent/carer and student meeting/visit should occur at Hopetown before a letter of offer is accepted. Enrolment procedures are usually completed at this time including signing the letter of offer acceptance, which is forwarded to the Learning and Wellbeing Officer.

Starting times are then negotiated with the school and parent.

All student placements are reviewed each semester (parent/carer and supporting agencies to attend) to discuss progress and attendance in the program. Documentation and /or minutes from these meetings are placed on the student's file.

For further information on enrolment please contact Tuggerah Education Office on 02 4357 5300 or Hopetown School on 02 4353 2522.