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Positive climate

Hopetown strives to develop a positive school climate and good discipline through the:

  • well being, safety and health (both physical and emotional) of students and other community membersĀ  being a priority in all school policies, programs and practices
  • principles of equity and justice being evident in school plans, programs and procedures
  • providing clear guidelines for behaviour which are known by staff, students and parents
  • maintenance of a disciplined ordered and cohesive school community where individuals take responsibility and work together
  • promotion of an inclusive school environment which affirms diversity and respects difference.


  • students and staff are safe in the school environment
  • students know what is expected of them and others in the school community
  • students are able to learn without disruption from inappropriate behaviour
  • students are provided with appropriate support programs
  • students participate in the social, vocational, leisure and academic programs of the school
  • studentsĀ  value difference and display tolerance
  • students are respected and supported in all aspects of schooling.