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Recognising achievement

These are some of the principals that will help to recognise and reinforce positive student achievements.

The staff will:

  • relate to students in a positive way demonstrating qualities of empathy, genuine positive regard, concreteness, acceptance and tolerance
  • provide positive role models to students in the way they relate both to students and other adults
  • provide classroom experiences that focus on individual student success, are highly motivating and emphasise learning
  • provide a classroom environment that visually reinforces student's achievements through constantly updated displays of student work
  • promote the concept that learning is fun, maintaining a positive approach and a genuine and tactful sense of humour
  • provide each student with clear expectations of behaviour both around the school and in the classroom. School rules are clearly displayed in the school and in the classroom and are consistently and explicitly taught and reinforced
  • consistently follow the school's behaviour management programs.

The students will:

  • know and state the rules of the school and how to follow the rules
  • be able to state expectations of behaviour in the school and classroom
  • establish personal goals and targets in collaboration with their teacher
  • participate in the school's behaviour management program in a fair, honest and non-competitive way.

The community will:

  • be aware of and actively support the rules of the school
  • help develop individual plans for each individual student in consultation with the teacher
  • regularly participate in reviews of students programs towards goals and achievements of set targets
  • support the work of the school by consistently reinforcing expectations of behaviour and achievement in the school, in transit, on excursions or outings and in their home school or workplace where relevant.