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Community participation

Hopetown seeks to enhance community participation by:

  • developing strong links between students, staff, parents/carers and other members of the school community¬† ¬†¬†
  • parents and community members participating in the education of young people and sharing the responsibility for shaping appropriate student behaviour
  • the curriculum, goals, plans and actions of the school reflecting the needs and aspirations of students and the wider school community
  • students, parents/carers and teachers perceiving that the priorities of the learning and teaching programs in the school are relevant and beneficial
  • staff facilitating parent/carer and community involvement in a range of school activities.


  • students are supported by parents/carers and community participation in school activities
  • students value and promote the school as an integral part of the community
  • students and their families understand how to gain access to relevant support services in the wider community
  • Students are partners with parents/carers and teachers in the teaching and learning processes in the school.