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Student management code

All students at Hopetown SSP have a right to learn in an environment that is safe, therapeutic, positive, encouraging and rewarding. A strong commitment from staff in the belief that all students can learn to make responsible and good choices is paramount to our students' successes.

As a staff, we believe that programs developed to meet students physical, psychological, social and educational needs will allow our students to make the transition from school with enhanced skills in these areas, and interact with others in more meaningful and considerate ways.

Hopetown's discipline policy involves a commitment to maintaining conditions for each student's social, emotional and academic growth.

The staff

The staff at Hopetown believe that a positive school climate is best supported by a staff who consistently model appropriate behaviours for both student learning and social interactions. Staff are committed to providing quality educational opportunities for all students in supportive, encouraging and motivating environments. 

The students

At Hopetown the individual social, emotional and educational needs of our students are the key priority. Our aim is to provide all students with positive learning opportunities that guide them in accepting an opportunity for positive change. Students are taught, encouraged, and supported in developing their abilities to make responsible and ethical choices. 

The community

‘Home' schools, vocational training participants and a range of external agencies are often involved as key stakeholders in Hopetown's students' programs and progress.


When relevant, parents/carers will be involved in the development of Individual Education Plans, Personalised Learning Plans and Individual Transition Plans for students. School reports and other means of feedback will be used throughout the year.