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Promoting good discipline

These are the principalsĀ at HopeTown School that will help to promote good discipline and effective learning.

The staff will:

  • develop individual student plans with outcomes in key learning areas
  • develop and implement classroom programs that meet the individual learning needs of each student with an emphasis on social/emotional competencies, literacy and numeracy
  • develop individual targets for learning positive behaviours and social skills that are consistently supported by all staff across the school
  • endeavour to ensure student progress is generalising across environments beyond Hopetown
  • share knowledge, programs and expertise across the school onĀ  a regular basis
  • evaluate classroom programs and student progress against identified learning outcomes
  • provide positive role models for students
  • maintain a positive classroom atmosphere that is supportive, rewarding and encouraging
  • pursue continued professional learning.

The students will:

  • actively participate in classroom programs and decisions about their own learning;
  • follow the school rules.

The school community will:

  • be aware of school processes of assessment and reporting of student achievement
  • be encouraged to participate in school-wide programs to support student learning
  • support the communication processes in the school for example newsletters; communication books; review meetings.