HopeTown School

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Effective teaching and learning

Hopetown strives to enhance effective learning and teaching by:

  • students playing an active role in the learning process
  • a strength-based approach to programming, allowing students to experience and build on the success
  • expressing high expectations and acknowledging achievement
  • effective support provided to classroom programs
  • the learning experiences of students affirming their individuality and being positive and satisfying
  • building on and developing skills to assist with student reintegration into mainstream settings or successful transition to vocational training or employment.


  • students participate in decisions about their own learning
  • students demonstrate enhanced social and emotional competencies
  • students pursue a program of learning relevant to their needs and realistic aspirations
  • students develop an understanding of themselves as well as skills for positive, socially responsible participation
  • students work towards competencies which enhance the quality of their relationships with others
  • students feel valued and empowered to be life-long learners.