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Aboriginal Education

2018 is looking to be the most exciting year yet for addressing Aboriginal Education and providing students at Hopetown School with engaging, relevant and rewarding programs

Hopetown School is continuing its employment of Terry (2 days per week) as supporting our Aboriginal programs and Danny in a music enrichment/youth mentor role (1 day per week).

New student enrolments this year has the total of identified students of ATSI background at twelve, meaning that 20% of Hopetown student population.

Our initiatives for 2018 include:

  • Students in mixed class groups across the school working in transforming Hopetown School's 'Sorry Garden' into a larger area for students which will include a bush tucker garden. This involves the removal of old and dated structures, beautifying the area and the planting of native flora.
  • Establishment of a partnership with The Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens to assist with the Bush Tucker Garden. The working title for this garden will be the Yindyamirra Gunya - Learning Place, and it is intended that completion will allow for its official opening during NAIDOC Week celebration
  • Hopetown School will again host a NAIDOC Week activity, in the success of last year's celebration. More information to come when planning commences. It is anticipated that students will also enter art projects/competitions for NAIDOC Week
  • Partnerships with local schools will continue to develop. At this stage these schools include to Wyong Creek PS, Woongarrah PS, Tuggerah PS, Kanwal PS and Tuggerawong PS.
  • Establishment of a ‘Didge' group, with the plane to source a person with expertise in this area, to teach and mentor students in the plan that they would lead this groups of students. This program would complement the work already done on the students making their own didgeridoos.
  • Reviews students' Personalised Learning Plans, updating where necessary. New students will be supported with the development of their PLPs.
  • Family Trees program.  This will allow students to know and appreciate their heritage, where they are from and history of their area, totems, and any interesting facts such as famous people from that area. The intention is that this will provide students with a sense of identity, to set personal goals, and be inspired by their ancestors.
  • Danny will continue to tutor individual students in their creativity (music composition and performance). He will also provide mentoring for selected students through a program designed in consultation with the Executive.
  • Students designing with the intention of producing shirts with Aboriginal art, words of ‘Connect, Succeed, Thrive'.